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Top 7 Facts about Diamonds

  With Valentine’s Day approaching, what’s a better gift than diamonds? Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, after all. In spirit of this romantic holiday, here are our top 7 facts about the beloved jewel:   1) Diamonds are the hardest natural substance. With a hardness of ten on the Mohs scale, you don’t haveMore..


Jewels for Dad on Father’s Day

We at Kasson Jewelers believe Dads deserve a long lasting treasure. Father’s Day is the perfect time to make your Dad feel special and remember the joys of his day. Our CT jewelry store has something for every father out there, whether he be a classic traditional dad or a dad that likes to beMore..


Complimentary Spring Cleaning: Here at Kasson Jewelers

During the winter, we pack on the layers to stay warm without a second thought. However, constantly putting on and removing those heavy winter jackets and scarves can be harmful to jewelry. The gemstones on pieces of jewelry can become loose from this constant removal of apparel. Not to mention, jewelry can wear over timeMore..

Fine Jewelry That You Can Trust!

Kasson Jewelers is celebrating our 65th year in business. A key reason why our jewelry store has stood the test of time is because of a relentless commitment to our customers. Personalized jewelry —  and creating a unique personal experience — is our specialty. As an example of this commitment, Alan and Susan Kasson recentlyMore..

American Gem Society Certification Sets Us Apart

There are thousands of jewelers across the United States, and an even larger number worldwide. But a little known fact about jewelry stores is that virtually anyone can open one. The difference between Kasson Jewelers and 99% of other jewelry stores is that we are proudly members of the American Gem Society (AGS). What isMore..


Why Is a Diamond So Special?

Diamonds are the universal symbol of love and human connection. This meaning of a diamond is often integrated into life’s most celebrated moments: an engagement ring, an anniversary ring or just a reminder of everlasting love. Many opinion articles have disputed the allure of the diamond, claiming that there is a surplus of them inMore..