• Personalized Jewelry CT

    1. Consultation :

    The personalized jewelry discussion begins, and custom design ideas are refined. The way we start a custom jewelry design process is through communication with the customer. We ask many questions about likes and dislikes, colors they wear, metal preference, whether the piece will be for every day or special occassions, etc. We encourage our customers to bring photos that represent their thoughts, so that we get an idea of their style preference. There are so many custom jewelry design options available.

  • Personalized Jewelry NYC

    2. Wax Carving :

    The second visit is all about interpretation and we show the customer hand-drawn images. The custom jewelry images are drawn by Alan Kasson with colored pencils and are very exact (Alan completed a course in counter sketching). We provide several options until the customer says “that is it”. A wax model of your personalized jewelry is produced. It is an exact replica of the piece of jewelry in wax form. We call the customer to come in and see the design and make sure we are on the right track, before proceeding. This is a very critical time to make sure everything is correct.

  • CT Design Jewelry CT

    3. Casting :

    Once the custom design jewelry has been approved, it is then cast in the desired metal. Options range from platinum, all qualities and colors of gold, or sterling silver.

  • Custom Jewelry CT

    4. Hand Fabrication :

    The next phase of the custom jewelry design is where our talent comes in. When the item is finished casting it requires a lot of filing and polishing, hand finishing, which is very time consuming. This is a very important step, as the piece of jewelry must be smooth as silk.

  • Jewelry Stone Setting CT

    5. Stone Setting :

    If there are stones to be set — whether it be micro pave’, pave’ prong or channel set — each stone is carefully set by hand one at a time. This ensures that the piece meets the design specifications and that the stone is secure. During this stage of custom jewelry design, all setting is performed under 10x to 30x magnification.

  • Jewelry Engraving NYC

    6. Finishing :

    The finishing phase of custom jewelry involves adding unique textures, engravings, and a high polish. After the stones are set the piece of jewelry gets cleaned and polished before it is presented to the customers. Our talented goldsmiths have over 30 years experience each and it shows in the finished item. The joy, the “oh my goodness”, the “wow”, the tears are what makes a custom jewelry design a very special art that we offer.