Education: Ohio University, B.F.A Degree in Graphic Design
Gemology institute of America, GemologistDiamonds, Colored Stones 1 & 2
Member of: American Gem Society*
Title: Jeweler and Certified Gemologist Appraiser
Vice President, Connecticut Guild, American Gem Society
Past President, Connecticut Guild, American Gem Society
Awards: 20 Year Achievement Award, Certified Gemologist Appraiser, awarded by American Gem Society
Business Affiliations:
President: Kasson Jewelers, Inc
Gemologist since 1980. Engaged in the daily practice of buying and selling of precious gemstones and jewelry
Chamber of Commerce Member
Member of Fairfield Arts Council
Board Member of Eagle Hill School, Southport
Appraisal Experience: Actively engaged in insurance and Estate Appraising, stone identifying and evaluation since 1976
Accredited Gem Laboratory

*The American Gem Society was formed by top jewelers to make it safer and easier to buy jewelry. Obtaining membership is difficult. Only one out of every twenty jewelers opt to meet the qualifications, and that doesn’t guarantee entry. Annual recertification is required to maintain membership.

An Accredited Gem Laboratory must have all equipment required by the American Gem Society. An adequate gemological library, a master set of at least five accredited diamonds, a dichroscope, gem measuring and proportion grading devices, gem scales, a magnifier with magnification exceeding 30X employing dark field illumination, a polariscope, a refractometer, a gem grading light, a device for accurate measurments, a device to measure specific gravity, an ultraviolet light and a 10X loupe corrected for spherical and chromatic aberration.