Complimentary Spring Cleaning: Here at Kasson Jewelers

During the winter, we pack on the layers to stay warm without a second thought. However, constantly putting on and removing those heavy winter jackets and scarves can be harmful to jewelry. The gemstones on pieces of jewelry can become loose from this constant removal of apparel. Not to mention, jewelry can wear over time and gather dirt from day-to-day activities. With winter long gone and the warm weather settled in, we at Kasson Jewelers offer a complimentary spring cleaning to restore your jewelry for the summer!

It is important to maintain your jewelry and bring it in for cleaning – no one wants a necklace with a loose, dull, and dirt-ridden gemstone. Aesthetics is not the only reason. We want your jewelry to last and stay durable, which is achieved through proper care and maintenance. Almost everyone has a piece of sentimental jewelry in the family that has been passed down from generation to generation. Don’t you want to pass that engagement ring down to your daughter — to your granddaughter? With proper cleaning, jewelry doesn’t just last a lifetime, it spans the lifetimes of many.

Jewelry should be properly cleaned, that is, cleaned by a jeweler… as we have the expertise and technology to thoroughly clean jewelry and provide the best results. Simply wiping your jewelry down yourself or bathing it in a commercial jewelry solution is not enough. You could even damage your jewelry by attempting methods of harsher cleaning. This especially applies to antique jewelry that has collected many years of wear and dirt. If you want your jewelry to regain its sparkle — to appear brand new — it is advised to go to a jeweler. It is best to leave it in the hands of professionals. At Kasson Jewelers, we have goldsmiths with years of experience who will ensure you get the cleanest rejuvenation for your jewelry.

You may be curious — what exactly is our jewelry cleaning process?

1) We inspect the prongs of your jewelry to see if they are broken, and check the gemstones to make sure that they have not become loose or chipped. If they have, we provide the necessary maintenance and repairs.

2) Then, we soak the jewelry in ultrasonic solution to remove any dirt.

3) To ensure the best results, we put the piece of jewelry under a steamer to give it an even more polished look. Your ring, necklace, or bracelet should look shining and sparkling, just like when you first bought it.