Why Is a Diamond So Special?

This meaning of a diamond is often integrated into life’s most celebrated moments: an engagement ring, an anniversary ring or just a reminder of everlasting love.

Many opinion articles have disputed the allure of the diamond, claiming that there is a surplus of them in the world and that they are regulated. These articles declare that diamonds are “too expensive” or “not a good investment,” and that there are a plethora of substitutes. While it may be true that there is a restriction on how many diamonds enter the marketplace, Kasson Jewelers believes there to be two main reasons why nothing compares to the absolute preciousness of a beautiful diamond.

1) Diamonds, just as humans, would not exist on this planet without the chemical element Carbon (C). Diamonds, which take millions of years to form deep within the earth, use carbon atoms to bond together and grow crystals. For humans, Carbon forms a large number of compounds which are needed for many processes in life. The gift of a diamond sends an underlying message that we are all made up of the same things, the same elements. We are all one. Don’t you want your loved one to feel this way?

2) A “gem quality” diamond is extremely rare. Diamonds are mined all over the world, 365 days a year. And the fact is that 99.9 % of those diamonds are NOT of “gem quality”. InStore magazine, a jewelry trade magazine, recently reported that there could be a shortage of high quality diamonds in the world by the year 2018. Not industrial diamonds, but the crystalline mystical type that so many people give as a sign of true love.

Diamonds and their sheer beauty, undeniable hardness, and sacred allure will surely keep people longing for the day when they become more available. If you want your love to be strong, and last the decades, a diamond is the one gemstone that shares these same traits. Diamonds are a miracle of nature, so show your loved one that you feel this unique way about them.

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