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Kasson Jewelers is celebrating our 65th year in business. A key reason why our jewelry store has stood the test of time is because of a relentless commitment to our customers. Personalized jewelry —  and creating a unique personal experience — is our specialty. As an example of this commitment, Alan and Susan Kasson recently attended ‘Conclave’, which is the jewelry industry’s top educational and networking conference. It provides classes for jewelers that are members of the American Gem Society (read more about AGS certification here).

This year was another success for Kasson Jewelers. Alan Kasson completed the required vision test. This is a test that Alan is required to take every two years in order to remain a certified gemologist appraiser — if he does not see color properly, then he cannot appraise properly. Alan also took classes that covered topics such as gemstone identification, precious metal testing, and bridal jewelry. Susan Kasson was able to take classes that will help keep our Connecticut jewelry store informed on the latest trends in jewelry designs, color fashion and marketing. There were also sessions in which motivational speakers presented on how to help breed confidence in selling styles. This year, one of the speakers was Magic Johnson! This summer both Alan and Susan Kasson will need to pass a written test — based on Conclave information — to maintain their titles.

Hopefully now it is clear — what makes Kasson Jewelers a ‘diamond in the rough’ is our commitment to you, the customer. We are a jewelry store in CT that emphasizes a unique experience and custom design. This commitment is supported by 65 years in business, continuous re-certification with the American Gem Society, and an unmatched level of expertise on gems and precious stones.

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